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Have you ever wonder why people “fail” in Network Marketing?.

The truth is that everybody will fail multiple times at some point in their life. Everyone is fighting out there to become someone better, and while doing so they will find obstacles that 1: could either break them or 2: can completely bring them down. The question is: What do you do to keep keep strong when those obstacles hit?

First let’s talk about Network Marketing(MLM)

Network Marketing has been around since 1940 (You can check an article about how long has been around by Clicking Here. Ps I do not own this info) 

Even tho there is a lot of skepticism around this industry, Network Marketing(MLM) is absolutely legal in most parts of the world. However, before you join any MLM company you should check first if you are not violating any laws of the country or state you reside.

Most people join Network Marketing because they want a change. They are tired of working for somebody else, they need the extra money, or they simply want to try it out. The truth is that everyone starts from the bottom just like in any other industry. When people join any Network Marketing biz they know little to nothing about the industry. They expect to start making money right away because they think that it is extremely  easy. Little they know that this Industry is not get rich quick scheme. To be able to get legitimate results requires legitimate efforts. Nothing happens over night. To be successful in any MLM company it will require a lot of learning, positive thinking and specially getting around those that have been successful in this industry already so you can get tips from them. After all, to build a successful business it requires Team Work!

The reason I say “fail” in Network Marketing is because there is no such thing as “failing” in Network Marketing. There is the people that make it happen and build huge and successful business and there is the people that simply quit. That’s right, people either succeed or they quit. There is no failing. 

So, the main reason why people quit Network Marketing(MLM) is because they are not ready to change. They are not ready to learn something new so they sit and complain about how everything doesn’t work instead of find solutions. Network Marketing requires time, positive thinking, perseverance, consistency and the will to SUCCEED at all costs. 

Take a look at the picture below. Is amazing what you have been able to do and don’t realize it. Always remember that anything is possible if you put your mind, body and soul to it. Hang around people that are willing to help you, take some notes but specially take ACTION. I’ll see you guys in the other side! Yonatan Aguilar

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