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Attraction Marketing: You Attract How You Act.

Think about the type of people you want to attract in your business, or even into your life for that matter.


Start acting like who you want to attract, and boom, here they will come.

However… If…

-you whine = you get whiners in your life.

-you complain = you get complainers in your life.

-you procrastinate = you get procrastinators in your life.

-you aren’t consistent = don’t expect anyone to join your team. (ouch, staying broke sucks)

-you are depressed = it will compound and you will bring more depressed people into your life.

(Hint: you are depressed because you don’t have a direction for your life, and you aren’t setup to have a chance at any better of an outcome for your life than you are already in… That’s fact.)

…and not having a chance at growing is depressing as hell for anyone.

As humans, it’s our natural instinct to grow… and if you have no way to grow… then you are literally just dying and that’s how you will feel inside.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it…

(I know I did)

Yeah I used to be depressed too, so I’m talking from experience, so don’t give yourself some excuse as to why you are, and think to yourself – “Vince doesn’t know my situation.”


yes, I used to take prescription depression medication. So I once made excuses for my life too…

But guess what…

I got focused on what I do now, love it, grow everyday, and have never used a depression medication again.

Same goes with that horrible drug called adderall…

…if you don’t have “focus” – and think you need adderall, then you don’t have a focus for your life yet.

I took that horrible, bone deteriorating drug everyday for a couple years, as an excuse as well.

So yep, I’ve done it all…

But guess what?

Your gifts are powerful, so stop pretending you have some disorder, so you can be lazy and have excuses.

Bottom line…

“Excuses are lies you tell yourself, that nobody else believes but you.”

So stop making excuses, if you want to change your lifestyle, and live the dream life I know you can capture.

Now back to who you want to attract in your life…

So on the contrary…


You’re positive = expect positive and awesome people to come into your life.


You’re consistent = expect action takers to join you daily, and your business to grow.


Your vision can’t be stopped? = the people coming into your business will stop at nothing to transform their life. (Hint: That makes you money.)


You remove fear = you will attract fearless go-getters.

Bottom line…

If you aren’t the person who you want to attract yourself, then don’t expect success… or a happy life.


You control your destiny, whether you believe it or not. It’s those who wake up and realize this, is those who actually live the lifestyle of their dreams.


If you become the prospect you’ve always wanted in your business, then expect people to show up who are ready to take control of your life because you are.


1. Learn daily. (investing in your wisdom and value is the most important thing you could ever do for your life and business. Your income, is in direct relation to the value you bring to the table.)

2. Post 2-3 min Video daily about what you learned from the wisdom you started your day off with. (simple, quick golden nuggets… Example: shoot a video about what you are learning here.)

3. Blog daily. (if you don’t have a blog, and you are in business in 2013 – you are crazy, and you are losing money daily. GET A BLOG.)

4. Post value on Facebook and social networks daily. (With 1 billion people on Facebook at your fingertips, guess what, you don’t have the “no contacts” excuse anymore.)

5. Reach out personally daily, to your closest contacts, in the beginning. (you won’t have to do this later after you setup your business like I show you, I never do now. But in the beginning… be hungry. Your warm market is proven.)

6. Follow up daily. (Leaders know that 99.9% of their money comes from them following up. This is a million dollar tip.)

7. BE CONSISTENT! (no one follows wish-washy people!)


*If you don’t follow up, guess what that tells your new lead or prospect?

It tells them, you don’t care!

People don’t join people who don’t care. That would just be silly.

Think about it…

Would you join someone who was just lukewarm?

No… You never would.

You only join people that are fully passionate about what they are sharing with you!

Shift your mindset from following up = annoying for prospect, to following up actually shows you care.

…and you will make a lot more money, and transform a lot more lives!

I literally just broke down what it takes to be successful (above) in any business.

Ignore it = stay broke.

Take action = live the lifestyle of your dreams.

The choice is yours…

Now… go find your vehicle that you can recommend to people, that transforms lifestyles and pays you royally and residually for your efforts.


People don’t care about your products, they want to know it’s eventually gonna give them time freedom and lifestyle transformation.

Find the company that does that!

People want Easier, Faster, with an attainable vision that anyone can do.

*Take all this information to the bank and transform lives*

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– and pass these thoughts on to all of your teams, fam and friends, so they wake up to their true potential.



Wise Words from Vincent Ortega Jr.!!! Read it, Learn from it , Live it.


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