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Facebook Event Trick  – Invite All Your Friends with one clikck of a button  http://worldwideonlinesuccess.co

When creating a Facebook event invite all your friends with one simple click of a button instead of manually selecting and clicking each and everyone of them.

(See picture below to see the Facebook Event Trick on the left side of the picture and the normal event option on the right.)

Facebook Event Trick


If you are doing Facebook Marketing then you should know by now that you are able to create events in either your personal profile or in your Fan pages as well.

If you create a Facebook Event on your personal profile you are able and giving the option to invite each and everyone of your friends to the event. If you are like us that have over 1,000 friends in our Facebook pages then you realize that clicking every single one of them could take you up to 15 minutes by just clicking the invite button on every one of your friends.

This could be really annoying and like people say “ain’t nobody got time for that”! =)

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