Get Motivated Seminar – Pros & Cons

My wife and I have heard of a Get Motivated Seminar coming into our local area. These Get Motivated Seminars are held in multiple cities around the country every single year. The event brings many 6, 7 & 8 figure earners to speak about what they are good at. Some are motivational speakers, others are stock traders or real state investors, and you also get Internet Marketers that come and teach you their making money techniques.

Get Motivated Seminar

The Get Motivated Seminar that we attended was held on May 4, 2016 at the Alaska Airlines Center here in Anchorage, Alaska.

Get Motivated Seminar - YouTubeThere were many top earners and speakers in the event that each provided different knowledge and training in different aspects of life and business.

In the video below I talk about some of the Pros & Cons when attending a Get Motivated Seminar like the one that we attended here in our local area. Now, I’ve never attended any of these events outside of our local area, so I don’t know how they are. The video I talk about my personal experience, and what I saw happened at our local Get Motivated Seminar. 

Watch the entire video below to hear my personal experience and opinion about the Get Motivated Seminar that my wife and I attended.

That concludes my personal experience and review about the Get Motivated Seminar that my wife and I attended this past May 4, 2016 here in Anchorage, Alaska.

Have you ever attended a Get Motivated Seminar before? If so, what are some of the Pros & Cons that you encounter in such event? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 


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