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Yonatan Aguilar here aka The MLM Electroman. I would like to share this little experience I had a few days ago while walking around the store. I also found this video that pretty much describes what happen to me. Read the story and then watch the video.

The other day I was talking to an ex co-worker.He wanted to know what I did now. So I went ahead and told him the whole thing about Online Marketing and the Amazing industry.
He then went ahead and started criticizing the industry and telling me to get out from it because all of those internet things are scams. He then said that I should make smart decisions like saving money for my retirement and put most of my money into a 401k plan and also to get a “real job”.

My answer:

I’ve known you for a while know and I think you are a cool man. I respect what you think and how you manage your life. Although, I don’t take personal, business, or financial advice from someone that is over 50 years old, rents an apartment, owns a 1992 Chevy shitty car, has absolutely nothing to die for, but specially, I don’t take advice from an old person who is over 50 years old and still works for somebody else, kisses ass every day at work and tells me that getting pay $15.34 an hour is good. You have wasted 50 years of your life pleasing other people instead of working for yourself just because you didn’t had an open mind to the world and the OPPORTUNITIES AROUND YOU. With that being said, good bye you f*cking looser! #shotdown

Ps: I do not own the video above

This video is probably one of the Greatest Network Marketing video I have seen :))

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