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I’m going to share my very own experience on this SEO tip

I’m new to the whole Blogging thing and haven’t had success with attracting viewers to my blog. I was always wonder how to rank up my content on Google search engines and of course attract viewers to the Awesome Information that I Blog about(haha) 

I didn’t had any success at all for about 3 months until I said to myself: “Yonatan let’s cut the Bull Sh*t and let’s make something happen” I know what you are thinking, Why is this guy talking to himself?!… Well, sometimes you need expert advice, you know. Alright, back to the subject.  

Take a look at this Picture where it shows a graph of my views for this month of April. 


By looking at the graph above it shows my current views so far in the month of April. As you can see I had absolutely no success when it came to views. I was probably averaging 4 to 5 people a day. Then out of the sudden a big huge Boom! It was an increase of views by the hundreds! How Awesome is that?!

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After utilizing the great training, the great content and how easy it is to utilize this great tips, this are the results I got from it. Let me tell you, it feels awesome to know that your hard work and constancy are finally paying off! Now this may not seem like much by many, but to someone that has no experience what so ever but at least tries, it feels super Fantastic!!

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Did you notice the Percentage of viewers increase?! It’s 3,865.13% Holy Crap! That is a huge step forward for anyone.

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