I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of the most amazing, cool and successful Internet and Network Marketers in the world! With that being said today I’m going to talk about a power couple who struggle while building a Network Marketing business for years before they started to see a profit. Guess what?.. everyone struggles at first. 

Anyways, this power couple are named Michelle and Bill Pescosolido. They are some of the most influential and multiple 6 figure earners in our industry. They are the only ones who have been able to reach the L6 level in MLSP so far! There is 7 different levels inside MLSP and they are the only ones that have the L6 title, which is kind of a big deal.

If you don’t know what MLSP is or would like more information about it just click here for instant access. 

So, this coming Wednesday July 30th 2014 at 9:00pm EST Michelle and Bill are going to be hosting a very special Webinar for all of us where they will teach how to generate leads, recruit more reps and make money fast in your business! 

This is a FREE training and you will be blown away of what they teach.

Come over this Wednesday July 30th at 9:00pm EST! Show up at least 15 minutes early to save your spot.

Get register NOW here https://worldwideonlinesuccess.com/wednesdayswebinars   

Michelle and Bill Pescosolido


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