Live The Dream 4 – MLSP Live Event 2013

MLSP Live Event 2013. Live The Dream 4 

My Lead System Pro presents: Live The Dream 4 live event.
When: November 2nd and 3rd 2013 in San, Diego California.
Location: Hilton La Jolla Torres Pines, La Jolla, Ca.

Every year since My Lead System Pro was created they have done a live event where almost all of the top online marketers show up and teach you how to leverage the system to finally take your business to the next level. The also show you their life experiences and how they did it to become a great success. This speakers are no different than you and I. They had a dream they work hard and smart and now those dreams became reality. 

Live events is where the magic happens. In this MLSP  Live Event 2013 you will get to hang out, meet and learn from the biggest leaders in the online marketing industry. Your business will definitely explode after attending one of this events because it will bring more credibility to you and your business. People like to be around others that are up to something and by you simply taking a picture with this top marketers will bring momentum to your prospects, your team and customers fast.

Live The Dream 4 - MLSP Live Event 2013

This MLSP Live Event 2013  is where the next generation of leaders will come from. This is where you get to get your name out there and to really experience what the laptop internet lifestyle is all about. Plus is in a beautiful resort where you get to have so much fun!

I’m very excited to take my wife to meet all of this great entrepreneurs and learn from them and have an amazing good time down in San Diego. I hope to see some of you guys down there. Send me an email a message or give me a phone call if you are going to the event. We might be able to meet up down there :).  If you have any questions don’t hesitate and ask me.

You can watch this video on Youtube here

What is My Lead System Pro aka MLSP?

MLSP is a state of art lead generation, personal branding, most up to date network marketing training platform, that teaches the power of attraction marketing.

In other words, MLSP to me is a community of people helping each other out and teaching each other how to Dominate the internet to attract people into our products, services or opportunities instead of chasing after them.

If you would like more information on how MLSP can help you build your MLM, Network Marketing or Online business go to for more information.


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Live The Dream 4 - MLSP Live Event 2013




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