Network Marketing- Good and Bad Idea (funny)

(While I was recording this video I asked my 4 year old daughter to keep calm in her room for about 5 minutes. She said it was fine so I started recording. Withing 1:28 minutes into the recording you can see a little ninja running across lol.)

If you are looking for ideas, reasons of why your Network Marketing business is not working out for you yet then you need to watch this video

When I started in Network Marketing about 6 months ago, I had an employee mind set. I was always thought to be the very best employee ever so I could move up into the Corporate ladder. Unfortunately that’s what most of are thought. No one really teaches you or encourages you to open a business. Everyone is so afraid of failing that they just keep doing what the rest do.

I always wanted to open my own business. I never liked to be an employee and I’m pretty sure if you are an employee right now reading this you can agree with me. So, when Network Marketing(MLM) was introduce to me, I didn’t think twice before joining. The plan sounded good, the compensation, but specially the Life style that people can achieve when they create a successful business was what attracted me the most. After all, what I really wanted in my life was more time to spend with my wife and daughters and my family overall.

I started all exited, sharing the idea with every friend and family I possibly could, most known as your Warm Market. Eventually I run out of my Warm Market without having much success so I thought now what?.. I could start Cold calling people or go fake shopping at Walmart and harass everyone that comes 4 feet around me. Well that didn’t sounded very good I thought. So, I went to the internet to look on how to market my business online just like how you are doing right now.

I did found a way on how to market my business online and it’s working like a charm! No, I’m not trying to BS you by the way. It works and now I can see why so many marketers are failing out there. If you are really committed on building a successful Network Marketing business online then you must watch this FREE presentation. Fill out the form in the link below and let’s get you started:



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