My Million Dollar Day – Overcoming Procrastination (ILN)

You are probably here because you have heard some talk about having a “Million Dollar Day”!

What is it? I just recently found out about it and it was life changing!

My mindset how I look at life has switched. I learned about it from Mark Hoverson in ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network)

To learn more and get the actual training go to

The “One Million Dollar Day” is a 1 day challenge where you wipe out years of procrastination! In my case I wiped out 30 + years!!!! That is crazy!! I am only 23! How do I have so much procrastination!!!  😐

So how do you come up with the years? Well.. you take something that you have been wanting to do and haven’t done yet.

One example in my million dollar day is I have been wanting to get a massage for 7 years and have yet to get one. I have been wanting to get a passport for 5 years! That is 12 years of procrastination right there.

Make sense? 🙂 So write out a list of all the things you have been wanting to do and do them in 1 day but there are separate categories.  For instance- home/work/business/health&fitness etc. you can combine them in one day or split and do several 1 million dollar days. (Which I will do) =D


To learn more and get the actual training go to

If you have done a 1 million dollar day please comment below and tell me how your experience was. Remember to have fun and enjoy your first One Million Dollar Day! 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me =D




























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