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Certified Digital Marketing Expert & Designer.

Yonatan Aguilar

Certified Digital Marketing Expert & Website Designer.

Yonatan Aguilar is a father, husband, and Digital Marketer. 


Yonatan is the owner of (www.YeaStudios.com (Modern Website Design), where he helps business owners and entrepreneurs have a strong presence online that attracts the right customers.


Yonatan has been in the Digital Marketing industry since 2015. Recognized by top Online Marketing agencies as a 'leader' in the industry, Yonatan is currently a go-to Certified Digital Marketing Expert and Website Designer.  

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How I Can Help You

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Modern Website Design

A Website makes you look professional and attracts new customers to your business. Having a modern, vibrant designed, and fast-loading Website helps increase your customers, gets traffic to your products and services, and grows your business's digital exposure.

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Funnel Design

A business marketing funnel enables you to get the most out of your advertising efforts by guiding your customers through several steps. From the first step when someone learns about your business, to the buying step, a marketing funnel helps you map out the best route to conversions and beyond.

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Affiliate Marketing

Start your Affiliate Marketing business by promoting other people's products. By far the best and easiest way to start your first Digital Marketing business. You don't have to create the products or worry about the design of websites. Grab your affiliate link and promote it to your audience. Get paid for the sales you make.

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Social Media Local Prospecting Formula – Its Back!

By yonatan

I’m not sure if you remember a couple months ago one of our business partners and friend Jessica Higdon came out with a brand new course called “Social Media Local Prospecting Formula”. This course made a LOT of people a LOT of money. The course was such a hit that people DEMANDED her to open…

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Become A Content Creator, Ultra Value Deliver Rockstar!

By yonatan

Hey there, The name Ray Higdon will be plenty to make you register for the MLSP Weekly Webinar this coming Wednesday July 23rd at 9PM Eastern… Ray is an amazing marketer and my personal coaching leader. He delivers valueble content EVERY SINGLE DAY and you need to be there to hear what he has to…

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Internet Marketer Dad – A View Inside My Personal Life

By yonatan

I was going to shoot 10 videos straight for my business today. I was on my 7th when the ice cream truck guy was going around the neighborhood, so I decided to shoot this video with my daughters while he went away.  

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Ashley H

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"Yonatan totally schooled the team on our prospecting training last night. Some people talk about what they're going to do... Others go out and get it done!"

Nicole H

“Time and Expertise..."

"Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with me and several other members of my team! So appreciated!"

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Yonatan helps business owners and entrepreneurs have a strong presence online that attracts the right customers.

Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Career Today!

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