Pitbull’s Story Motivational (A MUST SEE!)

Pitbull and his swag stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his upcoming movie Epic, as well as his thoughts on everything from his work ethic to marriage.
The rapper, who was raised listening to motivational tapes, shared: ”My mom actually raised me off of Anthony Robbins. I would sit in the car going to fifth grade…[and] I went to go touch the radio and she had the motivational tapes in there and she said, ‘Do you pay for this car?’ I said, ‘No’. She said, ‘Don’t touch my radio.’”

It’s amazing to see one of the biggest artists and Business Man out there in the field talking about how he got motivated to pursue his dreams.

Pitbull says that his mom use to make him listen to the motivation audios from Anthony Robins!
Pitbull has the true spirit of an Entrepreneur by following some simple steps in life. Live without regret, forget the past and fail at things. He says if you don’t fail you won’t succeed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this great article just as much as I did. Remember, “don’t wait, the time will never be just right”. Now get out there and make shit happen. Cut the BS and follow your dreams.

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