What is Attraction Marketing? The Basics

What Is Attraction Marketing?

When someone asks “What is Attraction Marketing?” there are several answers we can include.

Traditional marketing involves telling potential clients about the merits of a product,

and then hoping that they trust you enough to buy from you.

This works, but there is something better today. called Attraction Marketing.


What Is Attraction Marketing? The Basics of Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing has taken the business world by storm because of how effective it is.

It is built around a simple premise – sell yourself rather than the product, and once people trust you,

they will want to buy from you and no one else in your/their niche.


Think about it. Let me give you an example:

Steve Jobs VS Fake Phones


Imagine that you want to buy a new mobile phone. Will you go with one that was designed

by a company built by Steve Jobs, or will you go with one from an obscure phone manufacturer

in China? Steve Jobs is the obvious answer, right?

Most people will choose Steve not because they know him personally, but because he

has marketed himself as an industry leader and you can trust him to get things right.

That is the same thing you do with attraction marketing. You build yourself up as an expert

in a niche so that consumers would rather buy from you.


Attraction marketing online is the easiest way to go.

There are numerous forums out there where you can get a following. You can choose to use social media, you can write regularly in a blog, visit and comment on others blogs, create videos, and so on.


What is Attraction Marketing & HOW Can It Help Me?

Attraction marketing requires that you communicate with people in a way that is desirable to them.

You have to use the kind of language that they would like to hear and your tone, while confident,

must never come across as arrogant or a know-it-all.


Remember, what you are trying to do is build solid relationships that are based on trust and

for that to happen you need to communicate with people in a way that is acceptable to them.

Attraction marketing also requires a very firm belief in your products.


If you don’t believe in what you are selling people will be able to tell, and you will

come across as a fraud which alienates them right away.

What Is Attraction Marketing


If you want to learn how to use attraction marketing effectively, start by choosing a product that you have used yourself and are 100% satisfied with.

One place where you can learn all about attraction marketing to help build

your business online is here. This website has information that can help you build

a client base that will rival even the best in your niche. You can also access the information by filling out the form below.


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